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Kaboom Bros.

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 [Big D] Looks like we've delivered our first kick to the rotten underbelly of this fetid metropolis, B. [Big D] Time to head home to prepare our next heaping plate of justice! [Lil'B] Can we use a recipe with more explosions next time? I get bored solving problems without 'em... [Big D] Sure, B. Can't have a proper sequel without needless pyrotechnics... [Lil'B] Woo! [Caption] Catch you later, guys!

Explosive Action!

Big D and Lil' B are the Kaboom Bros. Big D is cool as ice, but watch out for Lil'B... he's got one short fuse! Together with their crew, they cruise the streets of Colossal City, looking for trouble. And in Colossal City, there's no shortage of trouble to get into!


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Welcome to the Kaboom Bros. Website!

Check out Lil'B and Big D's online digs and keep watching this space for all the latest on the Bros. and their adventures.

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